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2016 Cultural Heritage Month of Tainan─ 1930s: Modern Times in Tainan

活動日期: [ 加入行事曆 ]

Western culture was prospered in the 1930s of Taiwan. Electronic light, telephone, tap water became common, and Western entertainment like cinema, phonograph and disc appeared to be gaining in popularity. Moreover, Kikumoto Department Store and Hayashi Department Store successively opened then. In the 1930s, Enlightenment ideas just brought to Taiwan and influenced music, painting and literature. Men in suits and women dressing fashionably, who could fall in love by choice, were to be seen in the street of Suehirochō (末廣町). It presented a lifestyle of modern and fashion in that period of time.

It was a special year in terms of Taiwan's architecture as well. The trend of Western style in architecture, which was particular about simplicity instead of the detail of complex decoration, was just introduced into Taiwan and became the mainstream infrastructure building style in the middle of the 1930s. The period of the early 1930s was the time when the concept of Eclecticism in architecture, which combined Classicism with Modernism, appeared. After World War II, the rise of Japanese Imperialism caused a new "Oriental"  trend in the architecture sector, which added more traditionally Asian colors. Under this circumstance, Taiwan had great diversity in terms of architectural styles.

This year's Cultural Heritage Month of Tainan will focus on the architecture in the 1930s and let the participants experience the atmosphere of modern times in Tainan. Various activities such as lectures and hand-made workshops, which combine the culture in Tainan with a concept of the spirit of place, are expected to make all the participants impress on the richness and beauty of Tainan's cultural heritage.


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