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Charter Award & Art !t !s Opening Ceremony

活動日期: [ 加入行事曆 ]

On March 26, 2016 Charter Award & Art !t !s Opening Ceremony will take place at the outdoor square of Tainan Wu Garden. It’s honor to invite the Mayor of Tainan, the director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Lin Yu-chuan and Wang Lam-yu, the two great artists of embroidery, Lu Jing-chih, the artist of bamboo plaiting, Chen Chi-tsun, the artist of wood sculpture carving, and ensembles of Nanguan, as well as the four artist, Tung Yen-shan, Wang Guo Ting-fang, Huang Fu-shou, and Liao Chin-chang, who are designated as the preservationist of traditional arts in 2015.

Moreover, the Charter Award & Art !t !s Opening Ceremony kicks off with Bamboo Horse Dance by the students of Tuku Elementary School, which began in 1995 originated from Xinying Tuku Bamboo Horse Formation Group about 200 years ago. Moreover, Tuku Elementary School has the transmission program added in the curriculum, so that the beauty and spirit of Bamboo Horse Formation can be well preserved and revive.

In accordance with Article 59 of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act, Tung Yen-shan is registered as a preservationist of stone carving; Wang Guo Ting-fang is registered as a preservationist of brick carving; Huang Fu-shou is registered as a preservationist of jade carving; Liao Chin-chang is registered as a preservationist of traditional temple painting. On behalf of Tainan City Government, Mayor Lai Ching-te hereby awards these tradition bearers the Cultural Heritage Registration Certificate to express courtesy and honor to them and to encourage transmission of their knowledge and skills to the younger generations.

TMACH notes that compared to the programs last year, this year’s series of learning classes of Art !t !s shows a great diversity of traditional crafts and arts because of more newly-organized plans. Also, TMACH sincerely hopes that those who participate in understand traditional culture of Taiwan and arouse their awareness and consciousness of cultural heritage protection.



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