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Tainan City Publish Our Cultural Treasure Book Series to Share Local History and Culture with the World

    On May 23rd, the Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage officially released two sets of volumes of The Cultural Heritage in the Great Tainan Book Series, which are written and edited by professional researchers of local studies and include rich accounts of historical and cultural heritage. They also announced the publication of Our Cultural Treasure, a book series of excerpts from The Cultural Heritage in the Great Tainan Book Series with parallel texts in Mandarin and English....

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Research on Tainan City Walls and Gates

Tainan, known as the capital of Taiwan Prefecture, had its city walls in the largest scale among other cities in Taiwan. The reason for its foundation was closely related to Lin Shuang-wen and Jhang Bing rebellion. Tainan preserves The Great South Gate, which is one of the earliest as well as the precious remains of concrete city walls in Taiwan. TMACH has finished a research: Upgrading the Tainan City Designated Historic Monuments Tainan City Walls and Gates to be the National Historic Monuments of Taiwan and integrated other remains of city walls and gates as a whole so as to propose to Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture for the qualification for a national-level monument in response to a worldwide tendency to preserve a monument in its entirety....

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Renovation projects after the 2016-02-06 earthquake: Founding Linyu Temple

Founding Linyu Temple is a municipal-level historic monument. The temple worships the god Hsuan Tien and is known as junior Hsuan Tien Temple because its scale is quite smaller than Beiji Temple, which is located on Minquan Road, is nicknamed senior Hsuan Tien Temple. On February 6 of this year, the quake made not only Founding Linyu Temple’s bricks and walls of the courtyard, the main hall and its related buildings damaged, but also the clay ornaments and decorations peeled off. In June, the temple repair project has been carried out, and it is expected to complete in October....

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Activities & Events

2016 Cultural Heritage Month of Tainan─ 1930s: Modern Times in Tainan

Western culture was prospered in the 1930s of Taiwan. Electronic light, telephone, tap water became common, and Western entertainment like cinema, phonograph and disc appeared to be gaining in popularity. Moreover, Kikumoto Department Store and Hayashi Department Store successively opened then. In the 1930s, Enlightenment ideas just brought to Taiwan and influenced music, painting and literature. Men in suits and women dressing fashionably, who could fall in love by choice, were to be seen in the street of Suehirochō (末廣町). It presented a lifestyle of modern and fashion in that period of time....

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Nanguan Opera Gao Wen-ju

Nanguan Music vs. Nanguan Opera, can you tell them apart?...

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Several formation groups of Saikang’s Koah-hiun are designated as city-level traditional folk events in Tainan City.

Saikang’s Koah-hiun is an important cultural heritage, which is considered as the biggest Koah-hiun event in Taiwan. The scope of Kaoh-hiun covers 96 villages. Most of the formation groups discipline themselves to transmit such traditional performing arts. These parades have unique formation called “Wen zhen” and consist in participating in Saikang’s Koah-hiun, such as the Emperor’s Student Zheng Yuan-he parade formation of The Taiping Blessing Songs and Music Performing Group, in Gang Cian Village, Cing Shuei Temple Management Committee, in Gong Cin Village, and Ji An Temple, in Yong Ji Village, as well as Ox Plow Song parade formation of Bao An Temple Management Committee, in Dongjhulin Village, and Cing Shan Temple Management Committee, in Jhuciao Village. Moreover, the parade formations mentioned above are designated as city-level traditional folk events in Tainan City this year....

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