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The pilgrimage within the 9 villages of Daqiu is designated as a city-level traditional folk event in Tainan City.

Last July, the pilgrimage within the 9 villages of Daqiu, in Liujia District was designated as a city-level traditional folk event in Tainan City. It is not only the most significant religious activity in Daqiu Sanjiaotou, but also has had great impact on the villagers’ daily lives until now.

During the year of Xianfeng emperor’s reign, natural disasters frequently happened at the beginning of reclamation in Daqiu District. However, it always turned a bad situation into good one under Guanyin’s and Matsu’s grace. Thanks to God’s blessing, the ancestors assemble the 9 villages of Daqiu to negotiate the matters of pilgrimage. Later, Daqiu Sanjiaotou Management Committee was formed, and decided to go on a pilgrimage in January of the lunar calendar every year.

The God invitation has taken place annually for more than a century, and its traditional rites and the routes are well preserved and completely follow the way the ancestors did. The event of the God invitation is unique and local. For example, each village has its own gong and drum parade; the pilgrimage passes every household; the current pilgrimage host will pass the torch to his replacement and some other rituals will perform. It is a six-year period activity which divides into two parts: a pilgrimage for the first three years and traditional performances for the next three years. The coherence of Daqiu Sanjiaotou is so strong and solid that all the villagers here participate in and devote themselves to this event.

On February 26th, Daqiu Sanjiaotou Management Committee and Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage solemnly request the Tainan Mayor to assist at the charter ceremony to award the Cultural Heritage Registration Certificate. Tainan City Government notes that Daqiu Sanjiaotou Management Committee has been so intent on preserve intangible cultural heritages that they indeed deserve this glory.



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