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Hayashi Department Store: A Modern Five Story Building in Tainan's Ginza

Although the local people call it "The Five-Story Building," Hayashi Department Store is in fact a six-story building. Moreover, it was specifically designed as a department store during the Japanese period, and it is the best-preserved historic department store in Taiwan.

Among all the cases involving the reactivation Taiwan's culture heritage, Hayashi Department Store has certainly been the most stunning one. Since the store reopened in 2014, we can not only see how brand new elements have been incorporated into the original structure, but also, just by visiting the store, we can learn so much about Tainan's culture, industries, aesthetics, and design, as well as the feelings that local people have for Tainan. With its unique features, Hayashi Department Store is shining like a diamond, waiting for you and me to visit.

  • 林百貨