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Tainan's Dongshan Jibeishua Night Festival

Each year, the Jibeishua's night festival takes place on September 4th and 5th on the lunar calendar. This important event may also be seen as the beginning of the New Year for the Jibeishua. Therefore, the Jibeishua will return to their home village to participate in the festival and worship Alimu. In the daylight hours, members of the tribe will prepare some sacrifices, which may include four different kinds of fruit, "indispensible" betel nuts, and rice wine. Then, the offerings are brought to the main Konkai in order to honor the spirits of their ancestors. Those would like to ask Alimu for resolution of an important issue must participate in the entire pig-worshipping rite, which is held at midnight. In addition to the pig-worshipping rite and worshipping the spirits of their ancestors at the main Konkai, the complete Jibeishua annual festival also includes practicing Cianchu.

  • 東山吉貝耍夜祭