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There is No Stronger Connection between People Than Storytelling “A Roadmap to Tainan’s Archeological Sites” Launched on December 1

Starting on December 1, one medium-length article every two weeks, and two short essays every week would be released on the website, Facebook and Instagram of Gushi@storystudio. It is hoped that these easy-to-understand and engaging articles would bridge the distance between archeological sites – which have a lot of story to tell – and the next-generation citizens in Taiwan and Tainan.

Tainan City is home to an extraordinary array of in-existence and intangible cultural assets. These celebrated gems and the people around them connect to form a veritable “living history.”

Nonetheless, these sites are buried deep underground and rarely seen, which explains the mystique and myths associated with their presence; this fact also leads people into thinking that archeology matters only to an exclusive group of experts, and is not accessible to the general public.

Furthermore, the near-300 archeological sites - for the most part – continue their silent existence underground, with the exception of a handful of noted digs that were excavated and thoroughly studied.

In a move to shorten the gap between Tainan’s archeological sites and the people, and inspire the citizens to recognize the importance of preserving our cultural heritage through an up-close look at these sites, Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage has worked tirelessly to promote archeological education programs for the past several years.

For the first time ever, the Administration partnered with Gushi@storystudio to put together feature articles for the compilation of A Roadmap to Tainan’s Archeological Sites, to be released on the official website, Facebook and Instagram of Gushi@storystudio. Readers can now literally carry an archeological guidebook in their mobile device, and that is exactly the purpose of the compilation: to make abstruse, esoteric archeological studies more accessible to our lives.

The articles in A Roadmap to Tainan’s Archeological Sites are divided into three major themes: “Archeological Sites and Culture of Tainan City,” “Follow the Roadmap and Take a Stroll,” and “The Journal of an Archeologist in Tainan.” The aged – yet colorful - faces of the archeological sites become more personable and endearing through the engaging narrative of the articles. We will first unveil the secrets of “site patrols,” and tell you about the ingredients used in “prehistoric cuisines of Tainan” that define the city of food wonders. Also, we would explore the living space of the ancient Tainan people.

Other than these topics, we would also incorporate some nuanced “product placement,” and discuss how we can relate to the archeological sites around us, making the stipulations of “Cultural Heritage Preservation Act” more applicable.

On December 1, the premier article – “Tainan Makes Its Entry – Here Comes the Plain!” – would be published on the official website and social networks of Gushi@storystudio, taking the readers on a journey in the time capsule to 20,000 years ago when Tainan first surfaced, and how the ancient people made this land their home.

We have much to look forward to!