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2018 Tainan Cultural Heritage Month

Bring prosperity to the city through the coexistence of the new and the old

Four themes and twenty activities that await you in Tainan

The vitality of a city requires continuous nourishment and cultivation with cultural creativity. Thinking of ways to blend various contemporary elements with traditional culture—connecting aspects such as industry, ethnic groups, history, art, and the environment—has become a serious problem for our generation. This year the Tainan Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage has organized a series of events with a theme of Let’s Take a Stroll in Tainan. The events have four subthemes: “Practice of Conversation,” “City in a Nutshell,” “Style Observation,” and “Story Marketing.” These activities will be held in the city and in Madou, Shanhua, Dongshan, and Baihe districts from September 1st to October 13th. Through the reinterpretation of creativity, we hope to connect the land with the historical memories of the people, raising awareness of cultural assets and bringing the culture alive in a more vivid way.

Focusing on cultural assets and contemporary social life, the 'Practice of Conversation' lecture series will be based on interdisciplinary and intergenerational concepts. The series will use civic literature, civic life, and civic culture as starting points to spark conversations on topics such as 'The Practice of Local Life Aesthetics,' 'The Youth: Going Back Home and the Intra-Island Migration,' 'The Old Culture and New Value of Tainan City,' and “Craft Techniques and Flipped Creativity,” aiming to redefine the preservation of culture in contemporary society and to implement the basic spirit of “passing cultural heritage from generation to generation.” Speakers include Michelle Wang, Tsai Chuang-sheng, Wu Yu-cheng, Chang Chi-yi, Ling Tzung-kuei, Chang Wei-huai, Chen Chi-tsun, Chen Kuan-chou, Tan Jyh-chung, Lin Yu-fan (Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang Pastry Shop), Lee Pei-hsuan (Friendly Rice of Kebalan), Wang Chi-chiang (Youth Banana Band), Yao Ming-wei (Kunpu Magazine), Liu Yu-yu (Say Hi Home, Yuanli), Aits Huang (O'rip, Hualien), Yeh Wu-tong (Yung Shing Furniture), Lin Yu-chuan, and Lin Chieh-yu (G-colours).

The press conference for the 2018 Tainan Cultural Heritage Month will be held at Hsu Shih Music Library on September 16th. Acting Mayor Li Meng-yan, Acting Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Ye Ze-shan, and Director of the Administration of Cultural Heritage Lin Ciao-bin will attend the press conference to promote this event. We are also pleased to welcome Huang Wei-jyun, the leader of Interestring Quartet, and a Golden Melody Awards nominee, to perform at the conference. He will perform “The Southern Capitalat Night,” and “Anping Reminiscence” in the style of sonatas and partitas for solo violin composed by Bach, a Baroque-period composer. Huang Wei-jyun will attempt to interpret the historical memories of the land and the people through music, demonstrating methods for preserving cultural heritage in our daily lives.

Highlights of the Cultural Heritage Month events will be published from time to time on the Administration of Tainan Cultural Heritage website and its Facebook Fan Page. For more information, please visit the online event registration system.