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Transmission Project in Min-de Junior High School

This year, TMACH designs a series of transmission projects of traditional crafts and arts. Chen San-huo, the artist of Clay Ornament Cutting and Decoration, is invited to Min-de Junior High School to introduce what this tradition is and teach the students how to create their own artworks. Moreover, MDJHS just has a visit from Melrose High School, and these Australian teachers and students also pick up the tools and experience the beauty of this traditional craft.

After understanding the history of Clay Ornament Cutting and Decoration, Principal Simon Vaughan feels grateful to have such opportunity to participate in this transmission project. He notes that there are some DIY courses like pottery and glasses which students can take, but not for the culture purpose. Besides, Principal Vaughan thinks that the transmission project can make the youth not only realize the beauty of their culture, but also bring out their creativity and imagination.