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Mapping Tainan Plus+: Ancient Map Special Exhibition 400 Years of Tainan

TMACH mentioned that 《Manual to The Historical Atlas of Tainan, 1624—1960》 presents 165 pieces of ancient maps which is formed the basis of this exhibition, and associate professor Hsieh’s team turned into five topics to introduce visitors to the brand “new” world of the “old” maps, including “Perspectives of the Map”, “the Making of the Map”, “Landscapes and People”, “the Map of Today” and “Our Map”. Moreover, modern technology will be applied in this exhibition such as Augmented Reality(AR)and electronic book, and what’s more, there are 4 lectures presented by associated scholars and researchers. Please refer to the Facebook fan page「地圖超展開—臺南四百年古地圖特展」for more information.