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2019 Tainan Cultural Heritage Film Festival Kicks off!

Once in a while, have you ever sense that the temple in your neighborhood which you always fool around as a child has gradually far from your life. The temple square is the stage for numerous vivid parades as God’s celebration that gets enthusiastic people and worshippers together. Indeed, our daily life is full of cultural spirit, for example, the folk activities, the remarkable architectures, the yummy traditional snacks or street foods, they are all still there, however, we seldom pay attention as time goes by.

So don’t be hesitate, just grab your electric devices, such as digital cameras, smart phones, etc., just film the traditional occasions you have ever joined as a child, film the crafts you would perceive valued, film the incredible landscape that touches your heart, film anything you think it will be the potential cultural heritages. From now on till 30th June, just few steps you will be the Tainan city observer. Go online, fill out the application form, upload your video, and you will have the chance to win the prizes. For further information, please check official website:http://2019intainan.com, Facebook fanpage「in臺南 無影藏」, instagram「intainanfilm」. Go to film, get your memory back.