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Beitouyan’s Night Festival

The Beitouyan’s night festival takes place on March 28th on the lunar calendar (which is on May 4th this year) each year. The indigenous Siraya people of Soulaugh community is the most enormous in Tainan. Beitouyan is the birthplace of Soulaugh community. Alize or Alimu is the guardian angel of Siraya people that is enshrined in the main Konkai or put on sacred table at home to worship. There are taboos against saying something indecent in the living room and breaking wind while worshipping Alize. The traditional Alize-worshipping culture has no idolatry but use pots and pig skulls as the symbol of god. Under the influence of Han Chinese, more and more Siraya people erect sacred statues. In 1999, Beitouyan finally revived their night festival that was once thought to have already disappeared for hundreds years, making it the annual grand event in Beitouyan.

  • 北頭洋夜祭