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Dongshan Bi Xuan Temple’s Greeting the Guanyin and Guanyin Parade

When the wooden statue of the Guanyin is on the way back to Bi Xuan Temple on January 10 of the lunar calendar, the incense on the sedan chair will be replaced by new one in Cihtongchi. Then, the flower decorated on the wooden statue of Guanyin will also be replaced by a new one in Jhuweiwei. The old incense and flowers will be left as the tokens of blessing from the Guanyin. Furthermore, in response to the road condition, the statue of the Guanyin will be moved into a bigger sedan chair in Jhongjhou. Actually, it is not usual to see this kind of “changing sedan chairs” rite in Taiwan. However, from changing incense and flowers to sedan chairs, people can witness the fascination of the Guanyin as well as her amazing attitude of taking the world as it is.