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Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government Launches Great Tainan Cultural Heritage Series No.5

Tainan City has great diversity in terms of cultural heritage. Hence, in addition to cherishing and preserving these treasures, we should be more proactive in promoting and rejuvenating them. In pursuit of this goal, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government has been systemically planning and publishing the Great Tainan Cultural Heritage Series, hoping to enrich the understanding of our culture, and recording the charm of Tainan. This issue includes five books.

The subject of the books and the authors are listed below:

1.Tien Tzu,Men-Sheng (天子門生)-Taiping Blessing Songs and Musical Performing Group, in Gang Cian Village, Jiali(港墘港興宮太平歌團)

2.Tien Tzu,Men-Sheng (天子門生)-Cing Shuei Temple Management Committee, in Gong Cin Village (公親寮清水寺)

3.Tien Tzu,Men-Sheng (天子門生)-Ji An Temple, in Yong Ji Village(永吉吉安宮)

4.Tainan District Court

5.Grand Matsu Temple

Tainan District Court was built in 1912 during the Japanese ruling era. It was designed in the western architecture style by renowned Japanese architect Matsunosuke Moriyama. After 90 years, the building underwent renovation work in 2003. In Tainan District Court, we will see this building’s history, the function of space, and social significance.

The goddess Matsu is one of the most important deities in Taiwan. Grand Matsu Temple was build in 1664, worship Matsu in order to thanks for the success of the battle for ruling Taiwan. The Grand Matsu Temple of Tainan was the first officially dedicated Matsu temple in Taiwan, and it’s an important cultural and religious site for Taiwanese culture.

In Tien Tzu,Men-Sheng (天子門生), people show their passion and faith to the religion by playing the traditional music, which also reveal the spirit of Tainan’s intangible cultural heritage. The author introduces the feature of this traditional performing arts and indicate the importance to the succession issue.

In order to increase the accessibility of reading, and preserve data for a long time, the Bureau has published Our Cultural Treasure No.4 in e-book formation, readable on the computers or other electronic devices. Therefore, people can learn this precious land’s stories and feel the charm of Tainan.