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Chen Yu-fong's Temple Painting Workshop

Tainan’s Madou Hu Chi Temple, the historical architectures, has over 200-years history. The host of the temple once invited Chen Shou-yi to make identification of paintings because the artists of temple painting didn’t use to sign his name on works in the past. Without expectation, Chen recognized the painting of the door gods, which was drawn by him and his father. However, the painting has stucco loss as the result of exposure to light for a long time. Then, Cheng Shiu University is authorized to check the condition of the painting before renovation.

On 20th and 28th of May, TMACH and National Science and Technology Museum are going to hold Chen Yu-fong’s Temple Painting Workshop, which has guided tours and experiential learning to let the participants not only understand how to repair temple paintings, but also witness the transmission of the skills and the love.