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Tainan Municipal Administration of Culture Heritage Releases Documentary Series ‘Blooming of Arts in the Realm of Immortals’

“Blooming of Arts in the Realm of Immortals” is a set of documentary series filmed 12 preservers of traditional crafts in Tainan, including paper-paste sculptures, brick carving, jade carving, stone carving, embroidered tapestries, clay/wooden god statues, paper/metal crowns for statues of gods, temple painting and metal crafts, and it is going to be premiered at 2 PM, 4th Aug, in Tainan Wonderful Theatre with the press conference afterward.

Tainan City Government has designated 27 preservers of traditional crafts so far, who are the vital cultural drivers with dedicated technique and tender wisdom. Each of their journey reveals the precious lessons. Therefore, the purpose of this documentary series is to promote the traditional craft knowledge and techniques, and delivery the value of intangible cultural heritage.

The documentary series includes 12 short films and 5 documentaries made by 5 directors, that demonstrates the techniques and life of the artists. Such as Wang Lan-zan makes perfect tapestries with a conscientious approach for the superb aesthetics works. Lin Zhen-nan makes sculptures flawless by every carving and sanding. Wang Ming-xian shows the perseverance in the paper-paste sculpture. Kuo Chun-fu strives for artistic perfection in his crown designs. Hong Ming-hong makes the paper-paste work fascinating and fulfills with upmost values, moreover, such as brick carving master, Wang Guo Ting-fang, stone carving master, Tung yen-shan, jade carving master, Huang Fu-shou or metal craft Master Liu Kun-hui, the crafts show the finest delicacy in each detail through repeatedly craves. Furthermore, the innovation is vital in creation. Liao Chin-chang’s temple paintings address traditional and realistic subjects, but also serve as a medium for contemporary art creation. Kao Chi-shun integrates the tradition and innovation in crown customization. Huang Te-sheng develops a distinct style of god statue sculpting by holding a revolutionary mindset for artistic creation.

This premiere screening is free of charge and all citizens are truly welcomed. The artists and directors will interaction with the audiences after the premiere screening. Please apply on the website http://goo.gl/YTEFtN and search “臺南市文化資產管理處” at Facebook fanpage for more information.