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Renovation projects after the 2016-02-06 earthquake: Jiali Jintang Temple

The earthquake that happened on February 6th made Jiali Jintang Temple, the municipal-level historic monument, as well as the artworks of Chien-nien Master He Jin-long inside the temple destroyed. TMACH entrusted the renovation project to Wang Wu-syong, who is a professional Chien-nien Master. To restore those masterpieces of He to its former glory, Master Wang applied the traditional techniques as Master He had used. Master Wang kept the original framework and pasted the porcelain bowl fragments according to its color; also, he replaced the damaged and rusted parts with new materials. However, the renovation of the artwork “two dragons chasing pearl” is the most difficult because one of the dragons, whose upper body was broken, was destroyed by the quake. By Master Wang’s 50 years of experience, he applied the traditional techniques to make the dragon ascend to the sky once again.