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The Pilgrimage Within the Nine Villages of Daciou, in Liujia District

If we travel west along Tainan City Road 174 from the coast, we will eventually enter the mountainous area of Daciou, in Liujia District. Along the winding roads, we may enjoy the view of the beautiful green mountains and appreciate the cool breeze. The residents in this area traditionally “rise with the lark and go to bed with the lamb.” Living a simple lifestyle, local people are surrounded by birds singing, the crowing of cocks, and the sound of the wind and rain. It is only during the pilgrimage that the villages ring with the sounds of gongs, drums, firecrackers, and banquets. The nine villages in Daciou still follow the traditional pilgrimage schedule, which means that there are pilgrimages held annually for three consecutive years, and then, three years of rest. Guanyin, worshipped at Chishan Longhuyan Temple, and Matsu, worshipped at Hen An Temple, in Lioujia District, are major figures in this religious journey. Therefore, this unique religious event, which still follows traditional forms and rituals, was registered as a city-level traditional folk event in Tainan City, and a certificate was awarded to the nine villages by Tainan Mayor Ching-te Lai in February 2016.