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The Heritage Architectural Materials Vault Celebrates Its First Anniversary

The Heritage Architectural Materials Vault (HAMV) locates in Soulangh Culture Park (蕭壟文化園區), established by Tainan City Government. It has collected all kinds of traditional building materials such as bricks, woods, stones, roof tiles, doors and window frames, hardware accessories, etc. It can prevent unnecessary waste of building resources as the original houses have to be demolished or reconstructed in all kind of reasons. Staffs working in the HAMV carefully will clean and inspect these materials, and then get to proper classification and storage.

Since started in July 2017, HAMV has recorded over 5800 items of building materials in database, and successfully used some materials in historical architectural restoration projects, such as Zong-Gan Temple (總趕宮), Tainan Presbyterian Middle School (長榮中學), Yi-Chang Rice Factory (義昌碾米廠), and a private residence in Yanshuei (鹽水) old street. Even more, HAMV provides woods for traditional crafts education, and cooperates with Taipei Museum 207 (臺北迪化207博物館) for cultural heritage preservation and application. HAMV will celebrate its first anniversary on 7th July 2018, to appreciate material donors and announce operating goals in next year.

Cultural heritage preservation is not just collections for emotional nostalgia, but systematic resolutions from our cultural DNA to sustainable development further. HAMV tries hard to integrate private sectors and governments, academic institutes and industries, pursuing more possibilities for cultural heritage preservation and contemporary life style, and subsequently responding to circular economy concept. The Tainan City Government will continue to support this kind of creative and eco-friendly institute, and make contributions for cultural heritage preservation and activation.