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The Organization

TMACH upholds the concepts of “fundamentalism” and “humanism” to guide and to integrate resources of public and private sectors. It is committed to doing the research, and ensuring the conservation as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. TMACH promotes the concept of cultural heritage preservation by help conserving the potential cultural heritage, and hopes to provide future generations with better living conditions.

1.Cultural Heritage Research Section

Tangible cultural heritage review, registration, designation, revocation, and public declaration; protection of relics and underwater cultural heritage; antiques survey and research; conservation and redevelopment of cultural landscape and settlement.

2.Tangible Cultural Heritage Section

Monuments, historical architectures, relics, cultural landscape research, renovation, reuse, planning and design, supervision and guidance, as well as maintenance and emergency response.

3.Intangible Cultural Heritage Section

Traditional or folk arts review, registration, designation, revocation, and public declaration; research and survey; preservation; transmission and promotion, as well as cultivation and cultural propagation.

4.Collections Management and Administration Section

Administrative policies, mid-to long-term plan and assessment, evaluation; digitization and publication related to cultural heritage; public service; cultural value added service and general affairs including legal system, procurement and documentation.